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Not the best picture I have but it will do for the mean time this was taken by me in Victoria just west of Geelong waiting for a train to show up jeez I look bored.
First let me give you a little background of myself
Name, John Van Den Bosch
Born, 17/04/72
Kyabram, Victoria
Moved to Queensalnd 1981
Lives, Boyne Island about 520 km north of Brisbane on the coast
Works, Boyne Smelters
Intrests or hobbies, N scale model trains, boating and waterskiing, fishing and travel as well as the obvious photography and trains.
Now we have that out of the road I can talk a bit about trains and give a few opinions about them. Living near Gladstone gives me easy access to probably the best rail action to be seen anywhere in Australia and it is also one of the less frequented areas by other photographers. I am a bit of a train buff but not a (gunzell) and I don't pretend to know everything about railways. I have a variety of different intrests and I like to try different things to stay out of a rut.
I am not that interested in the railways of other states in Australia unless steam is involved because the QR has such a broard appeal and progressive attitude all the others seem pale in comparison.
If you would like to argue that fact please email me and I will be glad to set you straight or better still come for a visit to Queensland and you will be converted.