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The project to build overhead power lines on the central coal lines was concived to save money on fuel and reduce costs. The existing trains were diesel hauled with two on the front and three in the middle controlled via a remote wagon that trailed the locos in the train.
It was the draw bar load limit that dictated the use of locos mid train rather than any operating requirement due to grades ect. Once the project was completed in the late 80's the new trains used only four locos for the same load. The government of the day also decided that the North Coast Line was also to be electrafied from Brisbane to Rockhampton to achieve the same cost reductions but only recently with the completion of several major re-alignment projects has this line realised its full potential. Electric locos could be seen on almost all types of trains including passenger, coal , livestock, freight and grain.
Recently with the surge in demand for coal all of the electric freight locos have been placed in coal service and diesels have taken over the southern portion of the NCL.
 If you want more information on the electric locomotives used by Queensland Railways go to the links at the bottom of the page or the links page.


3917 with a sister unit speed a freight north at the Rodds Harbour Road level crossing on Tuesday 7/7/99. This section of line has been upgraded and the crossing loop made redundant due to the higher speeds on this section of line.


3909 with thirty-one cattle wagons head north just south of Gladstone on Tuesday 3/10/01. The livestock trains are a feature of the Queensland Railways due to the decision by other state railways to stop transporting livestock in the mid 1980s.


After waiting in the loop for two southbound trains the first headed by 2820 with 31 wagons and the second headed by 2821 with 32 wagons, 3903 departs Berajondo Loop to continue north at 1.28pm on 16/07/01.


This south bound freight is heading south near Marmor on the down line due to a failed 4000 class coal train just around the hill in the background. With 3921 in charge this container freight sets a quick pace at 11.59am 1/12/01.

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