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Welcome to the second page on the Mt Isa Line, I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I had taking them.
The page contains photos of the line from Charters Towers to Cloncurry and as you will notice the landscape changes very suddenly west of Hughenden. 
please enjoy the page and forgive some of the picture quality on some of the images.
I ran out of film and in despiration purchased a film in the chemist in Richmond god only knows how old it was.


2606 leads 4004 into Charters Towers yard with a block train of acid tankers heading for Townsville.
Saturday 12/04/04


The train from the previous photo a bit further west of Charters Towers near Southern Cross loop.
Saturday 12/04/04


Train 9M52 passing the 182km post to the west of Charters Towers at 12.21 on Saturday 27/11/04 and is about to cross Train 6291 headed by 2814,2822 and dead doco 2612 waiting in Mungunburra Loop (185.9km). Train 9M52 was spotted in the morning crossing the Townsville bound Inlander at Sellheim Loop (110km) near the Burdekin River at 10.34. After the cross it proceeded to Charters Towers for a crew change before heading further west.


Train 9M52 crossing Homestead Creek(201km) and is about to enter the loop of the same name on its way west to Hueghenden.
12.51 27/11/04


After crossing with Train 9M25 at Warrigal Loop(255km) the loaded mineral train headed by 2803 and 2604 wait in the loop at Pentland(234km). It arrived for a cross and a meal at 14.23 and soon after a mixed freight headed by 2842 arrived from the east and the crews swapped trains to return to their home depot.


Train 9M52 aproaching the Flinders Highway overpass on its way from Pentland(234km) to Warrigal(255km) to start the climb up the Great Dividing Range.
27/11/04 13.37


2847 and 2609 head down the grade towards the coast you can see the cutting in the middle of the photo where the next photo was taken.
11.43 17/07/04


The same train as the above photo climbls the grade to Burra loop after crossing a loaded mineral train at Warrigal headed by 2803 and 2604.
13.45 27/11/04


Above and below a Mt Isa bound freight train headed by 2820 approaching the top of the Great Deviding Rangejust a short distance east of Burra Loop(270km). The train crossed with a loaded mineral train before proceeding to Hughenden.
The train was carrying loaded containers of cement and fuel tankers as well as open containers with steel balls for crushing mills.
26/11/04 15.26



Train 9M55 with 2847 and 2609 and thirty-five wagons consisting of anode and container wagons as well as empty fuel tankers crosses with a westbound freight at Torrens Creek(288km).
10.45 17/7/04



The new "station" at Torrens Creek complete with wheelchair ramp from where the previous two photos were taken.


After departing Hughenden at 08.55, 2847 approaches the Flinders Highway level crossing just west of Jardine Valley(355km) on its way east to the coast.
The drought is forcing farmers to start tipping scrub over for cattle to eat and you can see this in the bottom right of the picture.


Hughenden east yard as seen from the Flinders Highway on the southeastern approach to the town, it has a fueling rack at either end so locos don't have to detach to refuel. The yards are used as a staging point for the Mt Isa Line and it is rare to see them empty. In the background you can see a mineral train in the original but now called West yard. This is where the station buildings and wagon maintenance depot is located.

17/07/04 06.20


The shunters about to use the yard tractor to move a GOMB wagon in the station yard at Hughenden to the wagon workshop.
17.50 16/07/04



Only the time and date is needed for this photo, for those people over thirty there is a can of TAB cola in the coke machine.
17.40 16/07/04


Who says intermodal isn't heavy, copper annodes wait to go east at Hughenden in their container racks.
06.40 17/07/04


2823 with thirty-six wagons mainly anode racks, container wagons and loaded fuel tankers was spotted at Ballindalloch loop at 16.54.
Friday 16th July 2004


The above train further west past the crossing loop at Mumu and crossing Walker Creek at the 424 km peg at 17.18.
Friday 16th July 2004


2839 leading a mostly empty loading of fuel wagons and containers from Mt Isa passing Moselle Loop (469km) to the east of Richmond. 10.21. 26/11/04


The above train a bit further west on the outskirts of Richmond traversing the saging contours of the mitchel grass coutryside. This whole area was once and inland sea populated by remarkable animals and their fossils litter the region.
The Kronosourus display in Richmond is well worth a look if you are passing through.


2816 + 2609 with a loaded mineral train, wait in the loop at Richmond (491km) for a crew after being shut down due to strike action over staffing levels on the Mt Isa Line.
11.09 25/11/04 Thursday


2803 + 2606 head west through Julia Creek yard with empty mineral wagons in tow.
Friday 16th July 2004 09.06


The above train just a few kilometers west of the above location 09.15.
Friday 16th July 2004


Track machines between the 584 km post and the 570 km near Nonda loop at 11.35, various machines were working including the ballast cleaning machine RM900 and last but not least 2154D waiting patiently to pull the lot back to Julia Creek.
Friday 16th July 2004


Loaded ballast train 9M50 from Cloncurry at Quarrell's loop headed by 2804 and the same wagons as spotted in Cloncurry yard a few days earlier at 09.48. The ballast plough was out of fuel so the staff had to go back the Julia Creek to round up some more people to manually lay ballast. The train finally departed the loop at 11.07 and proceeded to the 604 km peg to lay ballast arriving at 11.17.
Friday 16th July 2004