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Clairview is a small fishing village on the central coast of Queensland 840 kilometers north of Brisbane. It is also one of the places the North Coast Line actualy skirts the sea.


Clairview was the place to be with 2825 heading north at 14.51 to cross with 2808 pulling 22 wagons at the next loop to the north. Soon after the cross 2808 passed through the township of Clairview at 15.07,15/11/03


2197F + 2192F and 19 wagons took the loop when it crossed with 2823 with 28 wagons at Marlborough. 2197F and its train continued north at 11.25 and reached Kooltandra loop(760km)at 11.58. And is pictured here it at the 836 km peg just north of Kalarka loop at Clairview around 13.15 as it slowed for a speed restriction in place for the bridge repair gangs working on two wood trestles. In the next two photos the same train is at the northern end of Clairview at the lines closest point to the Coral Sea. The calm clear water is a bit deceptive because the area has a large tidal range and the water retreats several hundred meters at low tide exposing mud and sand banks. It continued on crossing with an unidentified container train at the next loop at 13.34 and on to Orkabie passing through at 14.20, Koumala at 14.46 and Sarina 15.05.


Loco 221A on the curves to the south of Clairview on the point of Q.R's 140th Birthday Train. The train arrived at St Laurence on time at midday for a crew change and service.
13.31 13/06/05