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The loop is located around 760 kilometers north of Brisbane on the North Coast Line in the Broad Sound region of Queensland. The area is mostly grazing country and very lightly populated but has the appeal remoteness and solitude provided by the wide open spaces. Recent track and bridge upgrades have boosted the lines running speeds and axle loads allowing the railway to remain competative with road transport.


2809 with thirty wagons in tow continues north at Kooltandra Loop after crossing with 2837 and its train of twenty wagons at The Caves around 11.23. It also crossed with another train at Kunawarara at 12.30 and continued on and arrived here at 13.55 28/10/03


The same train as above a bit further around the loop


2194F leads its train north towards Mackay on a moonless night 20.10 28/10/03


2849 + 1740(vehicle) with 30 wagons arrive Kooltandra 16.03 the train stopped for about five minutes before it received a green signal to continue north. 28/10/03


2843 pulling twenty container wagons south cross the hump at the northern approach to the loop 05.15 29/10/03


2387 + 2335 + 20 Molasses wagons arrive at Kooltandra loop to cross with an unidentified train 06.27 29/10/03. It continued south and with no more delays reaching Rockhampton around 08.35