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Kunawarara is the fifth croosing loop north of Rockhampton on the North Coast Line about seven hundred kilometers north of Brisbane it was opened on the 3rd of August 1915. The loop is located close to vast Magnasite deposites that have recently been developed but have not reached the stage where rail transport is feasable. The loop has a angle that once serviced a small stockyard but now stored rails take the cows place. All of the station buildings have been removed and only the signal relay cabin remains, from memory the original station is now located in the North Rockhampton Botanic Gardens. The line although upgraded to cement sleepers and heavy rail with a few short exceptions still follows the original alignment formed after WW1.  Not much has changed since then and it is still the most undeveloped area on the east coast of Australia.


The up signal turned green at 5.13 am and fourtysix minutes later 2840 passed through with thirty wagons heading south passing Glen Geddes at 6.19 am, The Caves at 6.48 am and arrived in Rocky at 7.20 am. The train was stored in the platform road at Rocky station while the loco was detached for servicing it was then placed back on the train and departed around 8.14 am.


Also arriving early just after dawn 2190F with twentyone loaded molasses tankers from the north of the state pulls into the loop to cross with a northbound freight headed by two 23 class diesels.


A bit further south 2840 crosses a timber trestle on its way to Glen Geddies loop in the rain provided by Cyclone Beni.