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The Caves is the second loop north of Rockhampton and has recently been upgraded with concrete slepers and welded rail. It is also one of the best locations in the area to get some great photos of trains heading in both directions. The loop blocks the towns main access road when a train is waiting for a meet forcing the residents to use a timber bridge a few kilometers north of the town.


2843 with thirty two wagons approaching the southern end of The Caves loop. 12/4/02 2.45pm


2850 leads twenty three container wagons north approaching the tinber overpass and marker poast 666. Sat 23/11/02 2002


A 23 class loco in charge of another container train a on the same curve as the previous train hauling 26 container wagons up the grade. 12/10/02 1.00pm


After croissing with trains at the previous two loops to the north 2190F pulls twenty one molasses wagons up the grade that crests under the road overpass. This is the best smelling type of train as opposed to a livestock train. 24/11/01 7.49 am