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In March of 2002 I went on a trip to Mackay to see the sights and maybe get some photos of the rail action in the area but the weather gods had other ideas and it rained almost constantly. I did get a few photos of a freight train in the yard and just to the north of the city.

I have now placed some more photos in this page from my trip to Mackay in May 2003.

I have added a few new photos to the page from my most recent trip to Mackay. You will also find more photos in the Diesel Tilt Train profile.


2804 waits in the yard with its train of containers in Mackay yard during a break in the weather. Soon after this shot was taken an empty cattle train arrived and joined the other freights in the yard waiting to depart south when the track upgrading work is finished for the day. Saturday 23/03/02 2.40pm



Later in the day 2804's train is seen passing The Leap in the misty rain heading north about 20kms north of Mackay. 5.31pm


Nine minutes later 2804 rounds the curve next to the Bruce Hiway as the clouds break in the background to show a glimpse of a rainbow.


2199F with 22 sugar wagons going hard on it's way south to Mackay from Proserpine at Aminungo 9.27 am 11/09/03


Mackay Harbour may not be the bigest in the state but it still sees an interesting mix of trains.


2808 + 2846 (vehicle) with 30 wagons pull into Calen Loop at 10.06 to cross with 2197F + 22 empty sugar wagons at 10.46. The crew had a bit of a laugh at the silly bugger standing in the rain taking photos but managed to give a big wave. Saturday 15/11/03


After discharging its load of sugar at Mackay 2197F and its train cross the diamond for the 610mm cane tramway after crosing the above train. One of several on the line between Mackay and Proserpine this one has a 60 km/h speed limit and is about one kilometer north of Calen Loop. 2197F continued north and once again it stopped at Yalboroo down home signal so it wouldn't block the level crossing at 10.25. Saturday 15/11/03.


2196F and 33 wagons passing the 1025 km mark between Yalboroo and Calen on its way south to Mackay. 11.03 Friday 14/11/03


2830 + 2309 halted at the down home signal at Yalboroo at 12.58 for an impending cross. It halted here so it wouldn't block the level crossing in the middle of the loop for a long period of time. Friday 14/11/03


The southbound train arrived at 13.11 and 2830 started into the loop and the cross was completed five minutes later and the train powered north passing through Proserpine at 14.33 and Bowen at 15.15. Friday 14/11/03