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Avondale Loop on the North Coast line situated on the northern bank of the Kolan River to the north of Bundaberg. The area around the loop is mostly used to grow sugar cane and small crops as well as timber cutting. Like most former stations on the line the town surrounding the line has seen better days and only a former Station Masters house stands near the line as a reminder of the once busy site.
The following photos were all taken on Sunday 02/06/02. 


2815 with 30 wagons in tow pass over the roller coaster section between Flinders and Littabella on its way south to Brisbane at 9.37am. The train will have to take the loop at Avondale to allow the southbound tilt to overtake it.



2815 waits in the loop at Avondale for the Tilt Train to overtake it. You may notice the speed boards on the left, the square one on the bottom is for the tilt train while the middle is for regular traffic and the top is for all traffic diverting into the loop.


Not long after the freight is given the green to depart the loop.


Class leading loco 2801 crossing the Kolan River just south of the loop.